Congratulations to Duranord and Jeanne Veillard as they celebrate their 82nd wedding anniversary; this couple is believed to be the oldest married couple in Rockland County. In line with the wedding anniversary celebration the couple will equally celebrate their birthday the Saturday.            

Duranord Veillard will turn 108 on Saturday, February 28, 2015, while his wife of 82 years, Jeanne, turns 105 in May.

According to USA Today, the Veillards plan to celebrate with family, friends and well-wishers at their home, where they live with a daughter, Marie Eveillard.

According to the report, Duranord was born on February 28, 1907, in St. Louis du Sud, Duranord Veillard, the son of a fisherman, grew up in Les Cayes in southern Haiti.

He studied law and lived in Port-au-Prince, then got married to his wife in November 1932 — the same month Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president in landslide victory over Herbert Hoover, and Groucho Marx performed on radio for the first time.

Duranord and Jeanne Veillard raised five children. They moved to the United States in 1968 after Duranord lost his job as a judge and was awarded a visa to visit the U.S. He settled in Spring Valley, and family members joined him one after the other.

Veillard got a job as a lab technician at the Good Samaritan Hospital and worked there for about 10 years and retired for a second time.

On Thursday, February 26, 2015, dressed in crisp white guayabera, brown slacks and brown leather shoes, Duranord Veillard basked in the attention of his family.

Nearly blind and hard of hearing, and swallowed up by his easy chair, Veillard spoke loudly and at length in French Creole — cracking jokes, asking for his American flag and serenading the room with a song he picked up in Cuba in the 1920s.

OOB join the well-wishers to celebrate the oldest couple on their anniversary and birthday…Hurray!


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  2. Wow!! That’s really amazing and very interesting that this couple celebrated their 82nd wedding vow renewal. Really, you have shared extremely different article. Kindly, share some more information about their life. As I am very excited to know about them.


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